For admission to the program «International Law and Comparative Law», implemented jointly by the MGIMO University and Swiss School for International Relations, it is necessary to submit documents to the admission committee of the MGIMO University, Moscow, during the admission campaign.

Enrolment to the Programme at the International Law Faculty of the MGIMO University and the Swiss School for International Relations is based on the USE:

1. Foreign language (English or French),
2. Social sciences,
3. Russian language,
without an additional entrance test (written test in a foreign language).

Number of admission places: 20.

Candidates for admission to the joint program are interviewed on social studies and tested in English to determine their level of training.

Admission to the program is based on a separate competition.

Training is provided on a contractual basis. Two separate contracts for the provision of paid educational services are concluded: with the MGIMO University and with the Swiss School for International Relations with tuition fees in accordance with each contract.

You can find out more about the application procedure here.

Education Price

1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
2 semester
3 semester
6 semester
7 semester
Tuition Fee
13 750
13 750
13 750
13 750
55 000
Registration Fee
Educational and Cultural Events
3 000
1 500
1 500
16 500
14 500
14 500
14 500
60 000
All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). 1 CHF = 1,04 USD (1.06.2020)
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Extra Services

Student Entry Visa (D) Support
250 / Semester
Student Residence Permit Support
500 / Semester
Food Service (Breakfast and Lunch)
On Request
Private Classes and Sport Sections
On Request
Individual Curriculum
On Request
Notification about Student Attendance and Results
Free of Charge
All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). 1 CHF = 1,04 USD (1.06.2020)


The Swiss School for International Relations offers various accommodation options in the centre of Geneva.

Rent a room in Campus

Student Residence HENRI DUNANT
Rue Vignier 8 1205 Genève
The Student Residence is located in the center of Geneva, a 7-minute walk from the Swiss School Premises.
The Student Residence is guarded. The Student Residence building houses a laundry room (self-service) as well as a grocery shop.
Deposit per person
Price / Semester
Studio with kitchen, shower and WC, 27 m²
Single occupancy (subject to availability)
1 000
10 250

Rent an apartment

If you are planning to rent a flat for the duration of your studies, the Swiss School for International Relations is ready to assist you in finding and processing all documents.

Renting from us you will get:

  • A selection of accommodations picked pursuant to your requirements;
  • Execution of the required documents by our staff and the état des lieux carried out;
  • Complete preparation of the accommodation for your arrival;
  • Support during the whole term of residence (correspondence or negotiations with the lessor) and by request cleaning arrangements, washing and/or dry cleaning;
  • Assistance with the bank guarantee or First Caution, Swiss Caution etc. insurance acquisition instead of the bank guarantee  (when acceptable to the lessor);
  • At request the Assurance RC privée et assurance ménage execution;
  • Managerial issues settlement on the lease completion, the état des lieux carrying out.
Searching and renting a Flat
1 000

Student Visa

When coming to study in Switzerland for a period exceeding 90 days a student, non-EU resident, shall acquire a national student entry D-type visa (even when he/she has an open tourist Schengen visa.)
The student entry visa shall give one the right to file for a residence permit.

To get a visa one shall need a set of documents.

The Swiss School for International Relations shall supply the student with all the necessary documentary confirmation.
At your request, our staff shall help you to complete the papers, check the set of documents, make an appointment for you with the Swiss Embassy at the place of your residence, and shall further support you following the document consideration procedure.

The Embassy shall dispatch your documents to Geneva Office cantonal de la population et des migrations (OCPM) for consideration.
The Embassy shall grant a visa only on receipt of the OCPM approval.

Note that the process may take approximately 6-12 weeks, thus the set of documents should be filed in advance (advisably not later than 4 months prior to the prospective entry date).

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