Safety at Work

Be aware of working conditions in the office, pay attention to potential dangers, and prevent risks.
Training Course
up to 60 minutes

About the Course

There seems to be nothing dangerous in an office — it’s a familiar space for us. But that’s the trap — we don’t expect anything to happen in our usual place.

Incorrect behavior in the office and disregard for health and safety rules have serious consequences — injuries or chronic illnesses. It is important to learn to pay attention to our surroundings and our own actions every day, even when everything is fine and there is no obvious threat.

What exactly should you pay attention to?

  • There is a huge amount of machinery and equipment in the office. This is electricity. And you have to pay attention to it. What can and cannot you do when working with electricity?
  • There are many people working in the office. Everyone’s well-being is affected by noise levels, heat or cold, lighting levels, and living conditions. Let’s see how we can regulate the conditions so that the workplace and office space are comfortable for everyone.
  • Emergency situations can also occur in the office. It is important not to get confused and to do the right thing quickly and correctly at a dangerous moment.

Employees will learn how to:

  • See what dangers exist in the familiar office environment;
  • Assess potential hazards when coming into the office each day;
  • Consciously handle electricity in the office;
  • Monitor and create a comfortable environment: temperature control, noise levels, movement, office furniture, working postures;
  • Maintain composure in critical and emergencies and take the right action.

The course is suitable for company employees who have a work place in the office.

SCORM 1.2 / 2004

No time limits on use

No limit is set on the number of Participants



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