Personal Finances

This course teaches you how to manage your finances.
up to 45 minutes

About the Course

To manage money, you don’t have to wait until there is «plenty» of it. On the contrary, you should start with what you have now, and learn to manage what you have now. Gradually, step by step, you need to introduce the right financial habits into your lifestyle and get rid of the unhealthy ones. In this way, we will create a solid base for our own financial well-being.

Whatever the situation, and whatever your income level, the feeling of quality of life and control over your own wealth will increase once you start to handle your finances properly.

What does it mean to get it right?

What tools can help you take control of your finances?

In this course we will learn how to manage our finances, find out what attitudes prevent us from doing this, which rules are worth trying now, and see how small changes, without stress or extra effort, lead to a qualitatively new financial way of life.

Employees will learn:

  • Consciously manage available funds;
  • To gradually approach personal financial goals;
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses without compromising the quality of life;
  • Not to save on necessities, to lead a comfortable lifestyle;
  • To feel financially secure at any level of income;
  • To use ways to preserve the quality of life after retirement.

The course will be useful to anyone who wants to ensure personal financial security, improve their quality of life, control their own financial well-being and feel financially secure at any level of wealth.

SCORM 1.2 / 2004

No time limits on use

No limit is set on the number of Participants



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