New Habits

You will learn how to form new habits and integrate them into your lifestyle.
up to 40 minutes

About the Course

Our lives, if you look closely, consist of a huge number of habits that we don’t notice — stereotypical sequences that we don’t think about at all. Most of the habits we have are useful, important, and effective. We confidently use the keyboard, the fork, politeness formulas, and the accelerator, despite the fact that none of these tools any of us were born with — someone taught us (thanks to them). No human activity is without a mass of small and large stereotypical sequences that you don’t spend a second paying attention to. Your autopilot will cut off a piece of cutlet on its own and bring it to your mouth while you talk about something important and interesting. We become interested in how to adjust our autopilot on two occasions. When we want to teach it something entirely new; and when we want to break an existing template and write something different in its place. Both of these tasks are not easy, but the second one is particularly difficult.

In this course, employees will learn how to form new habits and incorporate them into their lifestyles, as well as how to break down interfering patterns of behavior and write new ones in their place.

Employees will learn:

  • Not only to promise themselves to change something in their lifestyle but to really change it;
  • To start something new and not to quit, but to sustain oneself, to maintain achievements, to develop in the chosen direction;
  • To create sustainable patterns of desired behavior;
  • Overcome your own resistance;
  • Overcome the resistance of the environment during the stage of change.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to be able to form and maintain new habits and fit them into their lifestyle.

SCORM 1.2 / 2004

No time limits on use

No limit is set on the number of Participants



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