Move from Intent to Result

Learn to motivate yourself, get started on time to complete tasks, finish what you started and overcome procrastination.
up to 50 minutes

About the Course

You make quite a commitment, set goals that inspire you, write a clear and precise list of tasks and sincerely expect to keep your promises.

But time is running out and the work is worth it.

You just can’t bring yourself to start work.

You blame yourself for being lazy and once again you promise to pull yourself together and get to work.

After coffee.

Tomorrow, in the morning, on a fresh head.

When we put things off, we don’t just save our tails.

The more and longer we put things off, the harder it is for us to start working, the worse we feel, the more stressed we feel and the guilt we feel.

This is like a vicious circle, but there is good news.

Being able to work is a skill. You can learn it and train it. This is what we will do in this course.


Employees will learn how to:

  • Put themselves into a state of immersion in their work with their minds;
  • Stay on track and follow-through;
  • Keep track of time and get back to work despite distractions;
  • Not fear deadlines, but see them as a friend;
  • Do everything that needs to be done, but do not overwork yourself.

For heads of departments, directors, project leaders, managers, specialists.

SCORM 1.2 / 2004

No time limits on use

No limit is set on the number of Participants



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