Effective Presentations

Create useful and effective presentations that show care for your audience.
Practical Course
up to 90 minutes

About the Course

When employees prepare presentations, they often fill the slides with text — to be more informative. They can’t wait to tell what they know, and they don’t think about the audience.

Our course will help employees make useful presentations. So that they take care of the attendees, rather than making slides for the checkbox.

The course is neither a boring lecture nor a textbook. It is a story with heroes, tasks, and examples from real managers’ presentations.

Employees will learn how to:

  • Plan a presentation: identify the target audience and structure the narrative;
  • Design slides: selecting fonts, colors, and placement of objects on the page;
  • Distinguish good slides from bad slides to avoid common mistakes.

The course is suitable for managers, designers, editors, marketers, employees in all back-office departments.

SCORM 1.2 / 2004

No time limits on use

No limit is set on the number of Participants



on request

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